In Search of 20/20 Vision

The term “20/20 Vision” is universally recognized as the normal standard for eyesight, where individuals have clarity or sharpness of vision. By association, it also implies clarity of perspective and understanding, often based on hindsight. Perhaps only by coincidence, the year 2020 has already given us countless opportunities to contemplate our assumptions, beliefs, and long-held ideologies. Now halfway through, the year has already proven unique in its challenges to and demands on our life. It has forced people throughout the world to reassess the importance of issues relating to health, social relationships, justice and fairness, employment, civility, collaboration, and many other aspects of daily life. The strain brought by these issues, during the first six months of 2020, has shattered what we previously considered “normal”, and is now reorienting nations and societies towards a “new normal”.

Survey 2020 – Summary

The 2020 Survey was conducted in June 2020. The results were provided to the Board of General Purposes in tabular form – the information that could be numerically connected. A total of 572 brethren responded to thesurvey from across the province. The questionnaire asked some questions regarding communicationsissues, what attracted brethren to the fraternity, what …

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The Hope that is Today

Anyone even remotely aware of current news or social discourse is bound to conclude that we are living through worrying, demanding, disrupting, and perhaps even overwhelming times. While true, this observation lacks a critical perspective—human resilience— where, over millennia of existence, humans have experienced and survived numerous catastrophes, and actually advanced because of them! Humanity’s …

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