2020 Annual Communication Postponed

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It is with sincere regret that I inform you that the 2020 Annual Communications scheduled for June 11 – 13, will need to be postponed due to the on-going State of Emergency for the Covid-19 pandemic.

As many Brethren will be aware, it is unlikely the restrictions with the State-of-Emergency will be rescinded until mid-July, early August (according to briefings by the federal and provincial governments). Until the state of emergency restrictions are eased, all Lodge Meetings in this jurisdiction are postponed indefinitely.

As some of you might be aware, the Doubletree Hotel started to cancel some of our members booking for our Annual Communications last Thursday, April 9, 2020. The Grand Lodge was not informed by the Hotel in advance. Officially, The Grand Lodge Office informed the Hotel early this morning that GL would be cancelling our Annual Communications booking due to the State of Emergency imposed by the Province, due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Grand Lodge does still encourage each lodge to continue to phone and communicate with all their members during this time of isolation. We also continue to encourage the lodges to hold virtual meetings for education, General Purpose, festive boards, or other purposes which the Lodge might think of.

In addition, members of Grand Lodge are evaluating methods to hold our annual communications and tyled Lodge meetings during this State of Emergency. Below, as part of this communication is a Diagram with parameters that need to be considered in presenting appropriate solutions. Of considered importance is our charge:

No member or visiting Brother shall disclose or make known by any means whatsoever out of this Lodge, any of the proceedings or any of the decisions or business of any kind transacted within the Lodge, to anyone not a mason…

This charge is read to every newly Initiated or Affiliated Mason of a Lodge. In a Tyled lodge we have a Tyler to insure there are no Cowan’s or eavesdroppers at the door of the lodge. In a virtual Lodge, how can the Lodge be sure they are not “disclosing or making known by any means whatsoever…any of the proceedings or any of the decisions or business of any kind”, when every administrator for every sever, the information flows through, has access to the files. As a former IT Manager and Administrator, my staff and I had unlimited access to all files.

I encourage all Brethren to engage in thoughtful discourse and present options to your Worshipful Master. Those suggestions can then be submitted to the DDGM, who will ensure your options are presented to Grand Lodge.

Brethren, during this trying time, please stay safe and healthy. I’m looking forward to seeing you all, in Lodge, in the near future.

Ken Cheel

Grand Master