November 24 COVID-19 Update

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It is with great regret that, based on Pending Provincial Emergency Health Orders, I must announce that all in-person Lodge actives are placed on hold until December 31, 2020 with an anticipated resumption date of Monday January 4th, 2021.

This new directive extends past the review date of the new Provincial Order which will go into effect today and which is expected to be reviewed in three weeks’ time (December 15) where a decision will be made to further restrict, continue or reduce the tighter conditions being put in place. Based on the plan by the Provincial Government, it is felt that Lodge activities cannot resume before Monday January 4th, 2021 when updated information will be available after the Christmas break.

When we are able to resume activities we review the necessary precautions with AHS and update the precautions which will need to be in place for our return to activities.

As we have already experienced, planning for our Masonic Lodge operations during Covid-19 has not been easy or without questions. Our Executive teams have worked to create a framework and devised a safety plan to ensure member safety at all times. The stakeholders of the buildings where we meet have also worked to see that patrons entering their facilities can feel safe and that their needs have been addressed. Where in doubt, some stakeholders have continued to keep their facilities closed until it is deemed safe to reopen. It is expected that all Lodges will continue to issue their monthly summons with the intent to resume activities in January if conditions permit resumption of meetings.

I have attached three appendices copied from the government website today for information. In Appendix II I have highlighted key text in red that particularly defines Masonic Activities. As these may change without notice you are encouraged to review them periodically for change and updates. The information applies to all Albertans and businesses within the Province of Alberta.

Thank-you for your understanding and patience in this matter.


Reg Karbonik, Grand Master

Appendix I –

Appendix II –

Mandatory restriction – Province wide – effective Nov. 24

 No indoor social gatherings are permitted in any setting (private homes, public spaces or workplaces)

o Indoor close contacts must be limited to people in the same household
o People who live alone can have up to the same 2 non-household contacts for the duration of the restriction

o Work and support group meetings are not social gatherings, but attendance should be limited and public health measures followed

o This does not apply to service visits from caregivers, health or child care providers and co-parenting arrangements

 Outdoor social gatherings are limited to 10 people and must not have an indoor component

o Backyard gatherings that require movement in/out of homes are not permitted

o Attendees should remain distanced at all times and follow public health measures  Festivals and events are prohibited (indoors and outdoors)

Appendix III –

Mandatory restriction – Calgary and Edmonton areas – Effective Nov. 24

 Masks are mandatory in all indoor workplaces, except when working alone in an office or a safely distanced cubicle or an appropriate barrier is in place

o This applies to all employees, visitors, delivery personnel and contractors
o This includes all locations where employees are present and masks won’t pose a safety risk
o This does not change current student mask requirements in schools