December 31 Covid-19 Update


While it was my hope to announce that regular Lodge actives could resume on Monday January 4th, 2021 – this is not to be. With the Provincial Order (CMOH-38 Dec. 8, 2020) put into place on December 8th, 2020 and scheduled to be reviewed on January 12th, 2021 it is impossible to make a decision on reopening our lodges in Alberta. With this Provincial order in place, our in- person lodge meetings will remain suspended until further advised. As such, while this Provincial Order is effect, the requirement to request dispensation for cancelled meetings is waived.

Brethren we must continue to engage our members with the tools and resources that are at our disposal. While it is not possible to meet in a Tyled Lodge we do have the ability to conduct most lodge business through web-based applications while respecting the need to reserve certain ceremonial elements for when we can resume full in person meetings (e.g., Degree Work, Installations and Voting on Candidates). We remind you that keeping in contact with our Brethren and ensuring that they are healthy, safe and cared for is part of our Masonic Foundation. In addition we must not forget that other element of our Masonic tradition – charity, we speak of it often but now is the time when we must be ever vigilant for those in need.

Regarding the January edition of the Alberta Freemason you will be finding a summary of the survey conducted through the efforts of the Communications Committee. These results have been reviewed and filtered down to create a synopsis of opinions expressed by you the members. With this in mind, a new survey will be published in January and expresses questions from the Executive and reflect the changes that we have made in the first six months of this Masonic year. As always we ask for your attention and input so that we can continue our work on your behalf.

Brethren; as the New Year is about to kick off in the hours ahead, you are reminded to continue to be vigilant and wary of Covid-19. The end of Covid-19 may be near but its dangers remain around us. Be patient and we will be resilient and return strong and prosperous.

Reg Karbonik, Grand Master