How to Join

If you want to know if Freemasonry is right for you, please read about the Ideal of a Freemason in “The Candidate’s Passage”. (click here to open pdf)

To join Freemasonry there are a few ways. You can contact various lodges in your area. For a list of lodges in Alberta, visit our Lodges page. Another way to be one…ask one. If you know a Mason, or of one, feel free to approach them to discuss your interest in Freemasonry. Often it is a good idea to go for lunch or coffee to get all the information you need to decide to pursue your interest.

Do Note: It may take 2-4 weeks before a member contacts you to discuss your potential membership into Freemasonry. Be advised, each lodge has their own procedures on membership which can take up to one year or longer to become a member.

The Grand Lodge of Alberta does suggest a 7-Step plan for new members. This plan is designed for the prescreening of all candidates before they are presented with the Petition for Initiation. Existing Members can download a PDF of the 7-Steps to Initiation HERE