Which Rite is Right

A comparison of Entered Apprentice Degrees Hosted by RW Bro. Bob McRae Friday, April 22, 2022 Freemason’s Hall Edmonton Lodge Tyles at 7:30 pm Festive Board at 6:15 pm Menu $20 Easter Meat Pie Spring Salad & Sweet Potatoes Chef’s Key Lime Pie Festive Board RSVP & e-Transfer by April 17th to: 

Masonic Reading List

Following a request posted on social media, a reading list of Masonic interest has been added.  Please review books from the list and, if appropriate, send us a review of the book. Masonic Reading List (54 books) ( Scottish Rite, NMJ | The Top 10 Masonic Books for your Lodge Book Club ( Masonic …

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The Hiram Key

Pharaohs, Freemasonry, and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus by Christopher Knight, Robert Lomas When the authors, both Masons, set out to find the origins of the Freemasonry they had no idea they would find themselves unraveling the true story of Jesus Christ and the original Jerusalem Church. Their startling and unexpected conclusions …

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The Second Messiah

Templars,The Turin Shroud and the Great Secret of Freemasonry by Christopher Knight, Robert Lomas There is now no published theory to explain the enigma of the Turin Shroud that fits the known evidence. Many people want the shroud to be proof of Christ’s mission, but Knight and Lomas prove that it is not. The truth …

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Public Awareness & Communication Campaign 2022-01 – Appendix

Following the guidance of the Grand Master to consider more focus on public relations and the Deputy Grand Master to consider a wider direction of public awareness, the recommendations from the Social Media Recommendations 2021-09-01 were rolled into the Public Awareness and Communications Campaign 2022-01.  The Communications Committee recommended approval of the campaign, as specified …

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What is Governance?

Three areas of responsibility for a governing body and how they interconnect: Fiduciary responsibility:   the legal responsibilities of the Board in guiding the organization (bylaws, regulations, policies); Strategic responsibility:  the decisions about the use of resources, programs and services (budget, human resources, what we provide to members); Generative responsibility:  the development of new ideas …

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In Search of 20/20 Vision

The term “20/20 Vision” is universally recognized as the normal standard for eyesight, where individuals have clarity or sharpness of vision. By association, it also implies clarity of perspective and understanding, often based on hindsight. Perhaps only by coincidence, the year 2020 has already given us countless opportunities to contemplate our assumptions, beliefs, and long-held ideologies. Now halfway through, the year has already proven unique in its challenges to and demands on our life. It has forced people throughout the world to reassess the importance of issues relating to health, social relationships, justice and fairness, employment, civility, collaboration, and many other aspects of daily life. The strain brought by these issues, during the first six months of 2020, has shattered what we previously considered “normal”, and is now reorienting nations and societies towards a “new normal”.

The Hope that is Today

Anyone even remotely aware of current news or social discourse is bound to conclude that we are living through worrying, demanding, disrupting, and perhaps even overwhelming times. While true, this observation lacks a critical perspective—human resilience— where, over millennia of existence, humans have experienced and survived numerous catastrophes, and actually advanced because of them! Humanity’s …

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