Table of Lodges

Lodge NameNoCityStreetMeeting DayTimeWebsite
Acacia (C)11Edmonton10433 - 83 Avenue NW2nd Thursday7:45 PM
Acme-Irricana (C)137Irricana2nd St and 2nd Ave3rd Thursday7:30 PM
Airdrie Wild Rose (Y)2001Crossfield1102 Osler Avenue1st Tuesday7:30 PM
Alberta (C)3Fort MacLeod2216 - 3rd Ave3rd Wednesday7:30 PM
Ashlar (C)28Calgary330 - 12 Avenue SW2nd Thursday6:00 - 8:00 pm
Astra (Y)179Cold Lake1002 - 10 Street3rd Monday7:30 PM
Aurora Borealis (Y)201Fort McMurray10111 Main Street2nd Monday7:30 PM
Avon Glen (C)170Edmonton10318 - 100 Avenue NW1st Wednesday7:30 PM
Balmoral (C)185St. Albert6 Tache St.1st Wednesday7:30 PM
Baseline (C)198Spruce Grove301 Jespersen Avenue1st Tuesday7:30 PM
Bassano (Y)55Bassano220 - 3 Street2nd Tuesday8:00 PM
Beacon (C)190Red Deer4811 - 52 Street4th Monday7:30 PM
Beaver-Apollo (Y)56Castor5101 - 51 Avenue1st Wednesday8:00 PM
Bow River (C)1Calgary330 - 12 Avenue SW1st Wednesday7:30 PM
Britannia (Y)18Ponoka5115 60 Avenue1st Wednesday8:00 PM
Brooks (Y)73Brooks531 - 3 Avenue W3rd Monday7:30 PM
Buffalo Park (C)44Wainwright1502 2 Street1st Thursday8:00 PM
Cairo (C)32Claresholm4621 - 2 Street3rd Tuesday8:00 PM
Calgary (Y)23Calgary330 - 12 Avenue SW1st Friday7:30 PM
Camrose (Y)37Camrose5021 - 48 Street2nd Thursday7:30 PM
Canada (C)165Calgary331, 3750 46 Ave2nd Wednesday7:30 PM
Carstairs (C)20Crossfield1102 Osler Avenue2nd Thursday7:30 PM
Cascade (Y)5Banff103 Cariboo Street2nd Thursday7:00 PM
Charity (C)67Lethbridge315 - 10 Street S3rd Monday7:30 PM
Chinook-Spitzie6Cowley512 - 3 Ave, P.O. Box 6
Commercial (C)81Edmonton10318 - 100 Avenue NW3rd Saturday1:00 PM
Concord (C)124Calgary330 - 12 Avenue SW1st Saturday6:30 PM
Corinthian (C)22Okotoks13 Elma Street E1st Tuesday7:30 PM
Cornerstone (Y)19High River306 - 4 Street
Crescent (C)87Calgary5225 - Shriners Road NW2nd Tuesday7:30 PM
Crossfield (Y)48Crossfield1102 Osler Avenue2nd Tuesday7:30 PM
Dominion (C)117Edmonton10318 - 100 Avenue NW2nd Wednesday7:30 PM
Drayton Valley (C)182Drayton Valley5466 - 55 Street2nd Thursday7:30 PM
Drumheller (C)146Drumheller190 - 3rd Ave East4th Thursday7:30 PM
Dynamic (C)96Holden4928 - 50 Avenue1st Wednesday8:30 PM
Eastgate (Y)192Edmonton10318 - 100 Avenue NW1st Tuesdayafter 5 pm
Edgerton (C)102Edgerton51 Street and 50 Avenue1st Tuesday8:00 PM
Edmonton (Y)7Edmonton10318 - 100 Avenue NW2nd Tuesday7:30 PM
Edson (C)68Edson4725 - 9 Avenue1st Thursday8:00 PM
Empire (C)63Edmonton10318 - 100 Avenue NW1st Monday7:30 PM
Eureka (Y)10Lacombe4722 - 49B Avenue4th Tuesday8:00 PM
Evergreen (C)166Edmonton10318 - 100 Avenue NW2nd Monday7:30 PM
Exemplar (C)175Edmonton10433 - 83 Avenue NW1st Thursday7:30 PM
Foothills-Kelvingrove (Y)174Calgary7704 - 39 Avenue NW1st Thursday7:30 PM
Forestburg-Alliance (Y)128Forestburg5018 - 50 Avenue4th Wednesday7:30 PM
Fort McMurray (C)195Fort McMurray10111 Main Street1st Monday7:30 PM
Gleichen (C)36Calgary331, 3750 46 Ave1st Tuesday7:30 PM
Glenbow (C)184Calgary2612 - 14A St. SW1st Thursday7:30 PM
Goose and Gridiron (C)203Calgaryvaries3rd Tuesday7:30 PM
Grande Prairie (C)105Grande Prairie11315 - 94 Street2nd Wednesday8:00 PM
Gratton-Connaught (C)144IrmaWest Side Main Street3rd Thursday8:00 PM
Griesbach (C)191Edmonton5526 - 118 Avenue NW3rd Monday7:30 PM
Hanna (C)78Hanna414 Centre Street1st Monday8:00 PM
Harmony (Y)75Sedgewick4811 - 47 Street2nd Tuesday7:30 PM
Highlands-Unity (C)168Edmonton5526 - 118 Avenue NW2nd Tuesday8:00 PM
Hinton (C)178Hinton500 Smith St. Hinton1st Monday8:00 PM
Hussar (Y)130HussarProperty Association4th Monday7:30 PM
Innisfail (Y)8Innisfail4646 - 50 Avenue3rd Thursday8:00 PM
Internet Lodge of ResearchCalgary7704-39 Ave
Ivanhoe (C)142Edmonton10318 - 100 Avenue NW1st Thursady7:30 PM
Jasper (C)14Edmonton10318 - 100 Avenue NW3rd Monday6:00 PM
Jasper Park (C)143Jasper622 Connaught Drive3rd Thursday8:00 PM
Kenilworth (C)29Red Deer4811 - 52 Street1st Tuesday8:00 PM
King George (C)59Calgary331, 3750 46 Ave2nd Friday7:30 PM
King Hiram (C)21Didsbury2238-21 St, Didsbury2nd Tuesday8:00 PM
King Solomon (Y)41Cochrane120 Centre Avenue3rd Thursday8:00 PM\
Kitchener (Y)95Rimby5019 - 50 Street2nd Tuesday7:30 PM
Lake Saskatoon (C)106Wembley9832 - 99 Street1st Thursday8:00 PM
Lethbridge (C)39Lethbridge315 - 10 Street S3rd Thursday7:30 PM
Lochearm (Y)151Rocky Mountain House4911 - 49 Street2nd Thursday7:30 PM
Loch McKinnon (C)204Calgary5225 - 101 St NE1st Tuesday7:30 PM
Medicine Hat (Y)2Medicine Hat22 Bannon Avenue SW2nd Tuesday7:30 PM
Meridian (C)129Stony Plain4914 - 50 Avenue2nd Wednesday7:30 PM
Millenium (C)2000Fort McMurray10111 Main Street2nd Thursday7:30 PM
Mizpah (C)35Medicine Hat42 Bannon Avenue SW3rd Tuesday7:30 PM
Mosaic (Y)176Calgary7704 -39 Ave NW2nd Wednesdayafter 6 pm\
Mount Lebanon (Y)54Calgary330 - 12 Avenue SW2nd Tuesday7:30 PM
Mountain View (Y)16Olds4625 - 48 Ave1st Monday8:00 PM
Mystic West (C)101Edmonton10318 - 100 Avenue NW1st Wednesday8:00 PM
Nanton (Y)17Nanton2120 - 21 Street2nd Thursday7:30 PM
North Star (Y)4Lethbridge315 - 10 Street S2nd Monday7:30 PM
Northland (C)147Fairview10315 - 110 Street3rd Tuesday8:00 PM
Norwood (C)90Edmonton10318 - 100 Avenue NW1st Tuesday7:30 PM\ target=\_blank\>
Oyen-Crocus (Y)82OyenMain Street1st Wednesday7:30 PM
Palestine (C)46Tofield4832-53 Ave3rd Tuesday7:30 PM
Patricia (C)91Edmonton10318 - 100 Avenue NW2nd Tuesday7:30 PM
Peace River (C)89Peace River9904 - 98 Avenue4th Thursday8:00 PM
Perfection (Y)9Calgary2612 14A Street SW3rd Tuesday7:30 PM
Provost (Y)61Provost5111 - 52 Avenue1st Tuesday8:00 PM
Pythagoras 345 (Y)202Okotoks13 Elma Street East4th Thursday7:30 PM
Red Deer (Y)12Red Deer4811 52 Street2nd Tuesday7:30 PM
Redwood (C)193Edmonton10433 - 83 Ave1st Wednesday7:30 PM
Renfrew (C)134Calgary2nd Monday7:30 PM
Rockyford (C)123Calgary3103 34 Avenue SW2nd Tuesday7:30 PM
Saskatchewan (C)92Edmonton10318 - 100 Avenue NW2nd Thursday8:00 PM
Sentinel-Summit (Y)26Frank14806 - 21 Avenue2nd Thursday6:00 PM
St. George's (Y)169Elk Point4906-51 Ave, Elk Point3rd Tuesday8:00 PM
St. John's (Y)25Vegreville5106 - 48 Avenue2nd Monday8:00 PM
St. Mark's (C)118Calgary2612 - 14A St. SW2nd Monday7:30 PM
Star of the West (C)34Leduc4706 - 46 Avenue1st Tuesday7:30 PM
Strathcona (Y)77Edmonton10433 - 83 Avenue NW2nd Friday7:30 PM
Strathmore (C)53HussarHussar Masonic Hall1st Monday7:30 PM
Symbol (Y)93Drumheller403 - 12 Street E2nd Thursday8:00 PM
Tawatinaw (Y)71Athabasca4803 - 49 Avenue2nd Wednesday8:00 PM
Temple-Centennial (Y)167Edmonton5526 - 118 Avenue NW1st Thursday7:30 PM
Vermillion (C)24Vermillion4902 - 50 Avenue4th Tuesday7:30 PM
Victoria (C)13Fort Saskatchewan10021 - 99 Avenue2nd Tuesday7:30 PM
Vulcan (Y)74Vulcan231 Center Street1st Tuesday7:30 PM
Waskatenau (C)154Waskatenau5015- 51 Street1st Wednesday8:00 PM
Westlock (Y)114Westlock9916 - 106 Street1st Thursday8:00 PM
Wetaskiwin (Y)15Wetaskiwin3920 - 53A Street3rd Thursday7:30 PM
Whitecourt (C)153Whitecourt4928 - 51 Ave1st Thursday6:00 PM
Ye Olde Craft Lodge (C)196Edmonton5526 - 118 Avenue NW2nd Saturday9:00 PM
Yellowknife (C)162Yellowknife62°44'01\ N by 114°35'61\ W or phone1st Monday7:30 PM
Zetland (C)83Calgary5225 - 101 Street NW1st Thursday7:30 PM
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